This plane is so big that another plane or a car can fit inside it. This is what it looks like from the inside

The only copy of the world’s largest aircraft has only recently returned to the sky. Inside the colossal Mriya, a whole locomotive with a wagon, or even another aircraft, can easily fit. The device of the unique transporter remained classified information for a long time, but now you can see Mriya inside.

The length of the An-225 Mriya is 84 meters, the wingspan is 88.4, and the height is almost five meters. Initially, the flying colossus was created for the sole purpose of transporting the already assembled Buran space shuttle. Then the designers even suggested using the transporter as the first stage of the air launch of the spacecraft. Hence the increased carrying capacity:

Mriya is capable of taking on board 250 tons of payload. The cargo compartment of the An-225 accommodates 16 ten-ton air containers, 80 cars and monocargoes weighing 200 tons, including BelAZ-level locomotives and dump trucks. And on the fuselage, mounts are provided that allow you to take the same 200 tons “from above” – this function was intended for Buran.

Detailed video tour of Mriya:

. It seems that Mriya will continue to bear the title of “Queen of the Sky” for a long time to come.

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