450 thousand bees lived behind the walls of the house. The family learned about all that 35 years later

A married couple bought their dream home and were already starting to settle down when a buzzing sound was heard from the walls. The couple called a specialist and found out that 450 thousand bees live in the walls of the house: they have been there for 35 years.

Joe Weaver and his wife Sarah bought an old farmhouse built in 1872. They have always dreamed of this. The couple managed to spend the winter, and with the advent of spring, a buzz began. Then Sarah began to notice more and more bees at the windows.

Realizing that somewhere in the attic there might be a beehive, the Weavers called in specialists. But even those could not help, the bees settled in every wall of the house. A professional beekeeper, Allan Lattanzi, agreed to take on the job.

I was in this house 4 years ago, I was called by the previous owner. He did not want to pay, so I left the bees where they were,” Lattanzi suddenly explained. Transportation of insects cost the Weavers 7 thousand dollars. Another 6 will have to be spent on the reconstruction of the house. Lattanzi has already managed to transfer most of the bees to his farm. It remains only to check if there are still beehives somewhere in the house.

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