The girl wanted to show how her hand crow speaks, but the bird began to speak completely different words. Video

The girl taught her pet crow to talk. She decided to show his abilities on the video and the first part went well, but then the bird began to speak completely different words and confused the hostess a little. Mischief is a white-cheeked raven, we don’t meet such birds here. Ravens of this breed inhabit the rocky and mountainous landscapes of East and South Africa. They are considered one of the most intelligent corvids. In addition, barnacle crows have a unique speech apparatus and are able to repeat learned words.

A good memory allows them to master a vocabulary of up to 100 words, from the outside it may seem that the bird really knows how to speak . Of course it isn’t. Raven Mischief trained to repeat words even when he was a very small chick.

Now he listens attentively to the mistress and after the correct repetition he immediately receives food – a standard training process. In the first part of the video, Mischief obediently reproduces the words spoken by the girl. But then he seems to get bored: Training birds is much more difficult than animals. One can only envy the patience of a girl who managed to teach her raven so many words.


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