In China, a 10-story building was built in 29 hours: apartments inside on video

The man explored the forest in a sparsely populated mountainous area and found a forgotten camera on the ground. He took the gadget with him, and already at home he decided to check the recording: he turned it on and was surprised to see that the almost five-minute video seemed to have been deliberately filmed by a bear.

 The footage is weird and interesting. It looks like the bear has seen enough of popular blogs and decided to shoot something similar. He turns the wide-angle lens on his paws and muzzle, then shows the “viewer” the surrounding nature. 

The bear ran around a bit with a camera in his mouth, tried to eat it and filmed himself again. The camera lay in the forest for four months. Then a bear found her and filmed this crazy video,” Dylan told reporters. Here’s what the bear ended up with: It’s amazing how durable the old camera turned out to be.


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