An inquisitive teacher stumbles upon a car warehouse with 80 years of history

The school teacher was walking in the mountains and found a descent into an old quarry. He went downstairs, realizing with surprise that they had once tried to disguise the underground room. Only at the very end of the stairs did the man understand the reasons for such caution: a secret garage was hidden in an abandoned quarry 80 years ago. 56-year-old Vincent Michel teaches physical education in a Belgian school. As a hobby, he explores the mountains, which are enough in this area. 

The man found the quarry by chance: thickets covered the entrance, and behind them he saw a door that had dried up from time to time.
 Downstairs, I couldn’t believe my eyes. No one has been here for 80 years, and the dungeon is filled with rare cars. I don’t understand how this is even possible,” Michel told reporters.

The quarry has been explored by historians. Apparently, knowledge about the garage was passed on to trusted people until the last of them managed to tell the heir. The secret of the quarry could disappear forever if not for the teacher with his hobby. 

Interestingly, the owner of the land where the quarry stands has already started selling off the machines. Formally, they belong to him. What will happen to the rest of the rarities is not yet known. No one has claimed ownership of the property yet.



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