A woman published a photo on the Internet, and people did not understand whether it was a crow or a cat

The girl posted a photo of her cat online, but suddenly the picture caused a serious public outcry. People from different countries commented on the image: many claimed that the photo was not a cat at all, but a real crow. The popularization of the picture is also due to a fairly well-known blogger, who was one of the first to repost.

“This picture with a raven is interesting because… it’s actually a cat,” the blogger captioned the photo. Of course, the photo shows a cat. The illusion is created only because of the angle: the pet was sitting with its back to the photographer and turned around.

The eye and ear of a cat resemble the beak and eye of a raven, and the image recognition service distinguishes in it the American raven. It’s enough for someone to just post this photo again.


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