For the first time in his life, a Japanese was given a sample of Russian cuisine and the reaction was filmed

The traditional Japanese menu is fundamentally different from what we eat in Russia. Fish prevails here, and soups, pickles, rolls and other dishes familiar to us are practically absent. The wife of one of the Japanese learned about the appearance of a Russian grocery store in the area and decided to see how her husband, who is a native Japanese, would react to food that is so familiar to Russians and rare in these parts. As a snack dish, squash caviar went to the table. For Russia, the dish is more than familiar, but a resident of Tokyo saw it for the first time.

The Japanese liked the caviar, although he could not recognize the basis in his opinion, squash caviar resembles something made from beans.
The Japanese perceived eggplant caviar as a similar dish, but he liked it a little more.

In Japan, smoked sausage is rarely found in stores. It is not surprising that the man liked her Russian version, although at first he was alerted.
Finally, the wife left her husband a piece of black pudding. The reaction is worth seeing in person: In general, the Japanese man noted that he recognized vegetable rolls and smoked meats from Russia worth paying attention to.


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