the dog and the horse have become close friends and they even miss each other their meeting after a long separation was caught on camera

The horse in the stable grew up in the company of a sheepdog. The animals were separated for years, but immediately after the separation, the character of both the dog and the horse immediately became worse. Both were clearly bored.

After a while, the owner decided to bring the horse to the shepherd dog again and filmed their first meeting in several years. The horse was raised in a racing stable, so its health was very important.

Kgtneq dzi ays nkarum. Hetaqrqir test - HAYEROV TV

The shepherd puppy appeared here almost by accident, the owner of the stable took him and raised him. The dog and the horse quickly got along, which is understandable. The connection between these animals stretches back hundreds of years, it was formed by a person. Seeing his old friend again, the dog immediately ran up to the fence. See how funny the shepherd behaves: Here is another example of close communication between a dog and a horse: The owners decided not to separate old friends anymore. The dog was allowed to stay in the stable.



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