The dog adopted chickens and kittens on the farm, and then began to raise them as puppies

Caring St. Bernard Mabel unexpectedly adopted tiny chickens and kittens on her farm. The dog took care of these creatures, and then, to the surprise of the owner, began to raise both birds and kittens as her own puppies. The owner of the St. Bernard, Emma Haag, explained that initially two wild kittens settled on the farm.

The dog immediately took them under protection, while the kittens were only glad of such protection. But soon the dog also began to guard chickens and even piglets. Mabel tries to keep an eye on everyone. Apparently, the instinct tells the dog not only to protect, but also to educate “pets”.

From the outside, Mabel looks very nice. Imagine, little kittens and chickens are quietly following a huge St. Bernard, ”Emma told reporters. Especially for the dog, the woman started a separate vlog where she posts all her adventures. It’s funny that kittens and birds unquestioningly obey the dog. This will certainly affect their behavioral patterns already in adulthood.


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