The man lives alone on the island. He does not want to return. His life has been like this for 30 years on that island without a friend

In 1989, Mauro Morandi decided to take a break from work and take up yachting. He bought an inexpensive catamaran boat and went to Polynesia to travel. Very soon, the boat’s engine broke down and the short vacation became a new way of life: Mauro spent the next 30 years on a desert island. Budelli Island is part of a large archipelago and you cannot call a place completely deserted for thousands of kilometers around.

В 1989 году катамаран мужчины сломался в открытом океане. Он попал на необитаемый остров и живет там один уже 30 лет

But as if by an irony of fate, Mauro’s catamaran landed right here, in a place where there was not a single person. The first months were difficult, but after six months the first ship entered the island and Mauro was able to repair the catamaran. Another would immediately set the course and went back, but the Italian decided otherwise.

Фильмы про необитаемый остров 2022

He did not return to the mainland irrevocably, but instead made one short flight to the central island of the archipelago and brought himself everything he needed. I thought I couldn’t stand being alone. And then I began to enjoy it,” said Mauro. Mauro Morandi can be called a voluntary hermit. He can return to society at any moment, he just doesn’t really want to. Now Mauro allows friends to come to the island, he even got satellite internet and a telephone. Perhaps, sooner or later, the man will change his mind and move to the mainland.



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