Journalists managed to take pictures of the most expensive house on wheels from the inside. It costs 10 apartments and even has a garage

The most expensive mobile home in the world, even from the outside, looks more like a palace. This model was not shown to the general public, but the journalists still managed to get permission to inspect the unique house it costs the same as 10 apartments in a good city. And such a high price becomes clear at first sight, as soon as it turns out that there is a private garage hidden on the ground floor of the motorhome. Manufacturer Dembell Motorhome M describes his offspring as “the dream home of the discerning gentleman and his gentle lady.” This somewhat pretentious statement is quite appropriate, since we are talking about a palace for 1 million and 250 thousand euros, that is, for 82 million rubles. Most luxury motorhomes feature heavy, old-fashioned style finishes.

The Most Futuristic Motorhome In The World Is Also One Of The Most Expensive

 They are massive and clumsy in appearance, but the Motorhome M is completely different. In part, the car resembles a futuristic space liner on the Mercedes Actros chassis. The motorhome is equipped with a garage in the rear compartment, inside there is a separate master bedroom and a shower compartment  There are four seats in the cockpit at once, two of which turn into the salon and become part of the living room. The kitchen, fully equipped with Miele appliances including dishwasher, induction hob and oven, also has a large fridge and freezer.  See how the palace on wheels works inside: To some, the price of a motor home will seem completely unreasonable. But such things are rarely bought as the main home rather, it is a toy for the rich.



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