A large deer hid behind a thin tree and no one can understand where his torso is: video

The woman was filming nature near the house when a large deer appeared from the forest. He reached a thin tree and suddenly hid behind it all: dozens of people tried to understand how the animal fit behind such a thin trunk, but none of the versions looks plausible. The picture of the strange deer was taken by Jenny McMillan, a resident of a small town in northern Indiana. Forest animals are not uncommon here, but the deer hiding behind a thin trunk seriously surprised her.

After all, only his head was visible, and the rest of the body was somehow hidden. The picture quickly gained popularity online. People began to put forward various assumptions – some believed that the deer stood on its front paws:

Others have decided that he has an excessively short body: Someone else remembered that deer often hide behind small trees: Most likely, there is no big mystery here. The deer could have been standing in front of a tree and just turned its head at the time of the picture.


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