After working in the forest for 100 days, it was discovered that the man had built a palace underground

For 100 days in a row, the villager got up at dawn and went far into the jungle. He did not tell anyone about his affairs and refused to answer questions from friends. In the end, they decided to follow the man: at the end of a narrow path, people discovered that he had built an underground palace with a hidden pool.

Having met acquaintances already at the house, the man stopped hiding and willingly told how he managed to build a whole palace. It turned out that all this time he was helped by his brother, who lived right in the jungle.

Together they chose a clay site, drew up a project and spent the first days deepening the future palace down. Clay is ideal for such a construction. We live in an arid jungle, there is no reason to worry about sudden rain,” the man explained. The builder made a rounded area at the steps for several small rooms. Most of the underground palace, according to his idea, was occupied by a pool.

The roof of the dwelling, and then the whole house, the man covered with mats woven from bamboo, which, in turn, covered with wide leaves. After 20 days, the house looked almost ready, but there was still a lot of work to be done. The builder did not want to make the dwelling purely utilitarian and therefore decorated the room with columns and frescoes.

Water was brought to the pool from a nearby river using bamboo pipes connected together. And in the end, the man had a really real palace. Out of curiosity, the builder filmed the entire construction process on video: The villager planned to use the hidden palace as a summer residence. If you conduct communications here, you can stay and live in the jungle forever.


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