The guy took out a pack of pasta and realized that a mouse was stuck in one of them. Video

The student decided to cook pasta for lunch, took pasta from the shelf, but immediately felt something strange. Taking a closer look, the guy immediately turned on the camera for recording: a live and confused mouse got stuck in one of the pasta. There were cannelloni on the student’s shelf.

This is Italian pasta with tubes up to 3-4 centimeters in diameter. They are often filled with minced meat, which is exactly what the guy was going to do – naturally, before he saw the mouse. Least of all I expected to see a rodent in my pasta. It looks like the mouse made its way to the kitchen from the attic,” the student explained in the comments.

Apparently a little mouse jumped into a box of pasta and got right into one of the cannelloni, where it got stuck: Naturally, the student carefully released the poor fellow and released the little mouse into the field.


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