The village in the taiga stood empty for 70 years: the hunters walked by when the light came on in one of the abandoned houses

The hunters passed by a long abandoned village in the middle of the taiga. 70 years ago, the last person left here and the forest took over the settlement. People had almost left the village, but at that moment, in one of the abandoned houses, on the very outskirts, a dim light suddenly lit up. The house that interested the hunters was already standing almost in the middle of the forest. For 70 years, the entire territory of the village was overgrown. You can get to the settlement only on foot along narrow paths, and then if you know where to go.

And it’s not immediately possible to understand that you are already in the middle of the settlement. In the middle of the clearing there are several dilapidated houses. Usually hunters passed by and did not linger in a place that evoked rather gloomy thoughts. No one was ever met here, and therefore the light in one of the houses immediately attracted attention.

After consulting, the hunters decided to check the building. They cautiously approached and, just in case, knocked on the old door. To the surprise of the hunters, the door opened and a young man appeared on the threshold. It turned out that he also found the village by accident about 4 months ago and decided to restore one house for himself: The trend towards the restoration of old villages is also observed in other parts of the country. People are beginning to appreciate nature and a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of megacities.


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