The Mexican didn’t have enough housing to build, so he built a house right under a huge rock.

Aracely Hernandez wanted to have his own house all his life, but there was never enough money to build it. This Mexican area in the state of Coahuila does not have a developed economy, so the life of ordinary people cannot be called rich and carefree. Once a man saw a huge boulder in the foothills, under which there was an empty space. 

Como de un cuento de hadas: ¡La increíble casa en la piedra!

Without thinking twice, he decided to settle here and build walls. So the most unusual house in the area appeared. The Coahuila Desert is located in the very north of Mexico and people used to appear here very rarely. There is also little wood and other materials, and those that are are expensive. Therefore, Araceli considers the decision to build a house under an 850-ton boulder very successful.

In fact, the roof of the house was already by nature, the man only had to add 2 walls. At first, the house caused ridicule in the surroundings, but then rumors about the modern “caveman” spread. Today, Hernandez welcomes guests with pleasure and never refuses an excursion. Almost all the interior decoration of the house, tables, cabinets and shelves are also made of stone. The owner just carved them right out of the rock. I like this place. Quiet, safe. And now even tourists pay for excursions! Hernandez told reporters.


The owner of an unusual house admits that he has already been offered several times to sell the boulder and the house under it for good money. Hernandez refuses and is not going to part with the “cave” dwelling in the end, there is no second such in Mexico.



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