The man went down to the basement every day with a shovel. After 23 years, it turned out that he dug a dungeon 7 floors deep.

Levon Arakelyan decided to equip the basement on his own and began to go downstairs with a shovel and dig in his free time. It started as a hobby, but even years later he continued his business. After 23 years, it turned out that the man created a huge dungeon with a depth of 7 floors.

According to the legend that has already developed around the structure, the work was started by Levon’s wife. Tosya Gharibyan asked her husband to dig a small cellar under the house, he began to dig and realized that he liked such a hobby. It all started in hourly electives, but then Levon began to spend all his free time in the basement.

On other days he was here for 18 hours without a break. Stopped only to sleep, have a bite to eat and then go back to work. Surprisingly, the man used only the simplest tools – a chisel and a hammer.

Божественное подземелье Левона": армянин за 23 года выкопал под своим домом  огромный храм

Even before his retirement, Levon was a professional builder. Experience helped him to drill through a layer of black basalt, then softer tuff began. The work got easier. The man began to experiment with decoration, an ornament appeared on the ceiling and walls, and then frescoes.

There were many stones. At first, Levon leveled the area around the house, but then there was so much waste rock that they had to be taken out by trucks. For 23 years, the man brought out hundreds of tons of stone. Today, the “cellar” occupies 280 square meters and goes down 21 meters – there are 7 underground floors.


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