A floating house worth one and a half million dollars was lowered onto the water.

The launch of the unique floating house SeaPod was supposed to be the event of the year in Panama the president of the country himself came to the presentation of the project. The cost of such a house exceeded one and a half million dollars. Ocean Builders intended to build the SeaPod at a height of three meters above sea level the houses are installed on one large pile that holds the entire structure in the air and creates a levitation effect.

The appearance of the house was created by the Dutch architect Coen Olthuis. Minimalistic design, curved walls and windows, panoramic view from the window, high-tech equipment, modular furniture, its own seating in general, everything that justifies the price of one and a half million dollars. 

The three-story building was supposed to drift in the ocean on the surf line. For Panama, the project was also of great economic importance. Its success would attract rich investors to the country. 

The more sad event was the launch of the first house on the water: the structure immediately went to the bottom: Whether the project will develop is not yet clear. The President of Panama left the presentation in a rage.



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