The woman bought a rabbit and started keeping it at home. He has grown so much that he is now unstoppable

Danielle decided to get a little rabbit. However, the pet began to grow too quickly. In a short time, the rabbit has grown larger than a dog, and at night comes out to the door and tries to guard the house. A woman bought a rabbit as a decorative pet. The seller assured that we are talking about the usual breed. But the rabbit initially behaved strangely, its habits were more like those of a dog. 

Gus became attached to the mistress and began to ask for walks. Daniel has to walk him on a leash like a real dog. The size of Gus also went off scale, now he weighs more than 10 kilograms.

One night I woke up, and Gus was sitting at the door, as if guarding. He runs like a dog, said the owner of an unusual pet. It looks like the girl got some kind of hybrid of the Flanders breed. These rabbits are indeed capable of growing into real giants:

However, taking care of a pet is not that difficult. Gus loves to relax and is constantly looking for the attention of the hostess.



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