The man bought an apartment for 29 meters and made a tricky repair. Inside it became as if he had 50 there. We look

John Proctor bought a very small apartment of only 29 square meters. And he managed to make a very complicated repair in it. He divided the entire area so that inside it became as if he has at least a 50 square meter house. we watch a video of the tricky apartment inside. The small room had an important plus: high ceilings.

Proctor decided to work with it, he broke up the space in height, making the apartment two stories. The entire first floor is occupied by the living room, wardrobes and kitchen. it takes up minimal space because it is built into the wall. There are narrow but spacious drawers around the entire perimeter, which made it possible to put everything in them.

A narrow staircase leads to the second floor. Here, the entire space is occupied by the big bed. The author of the project also shot a detailed video of the unusual apartment. Even a seemingly small space can be used wisely.


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