A man found a door to a secret room in the garden. He invited specialists, they opened the door and went down there

Holland Zwick was digging in the backyard when a shovel clanged against a steel door. It opened with difficulty and behind it a hidden descent into a real underground house was waiting for a man. The Zwick family moved into a remote mansion about 5 years ago. The cottage was sold inexpensively and the realtor was clearly keeping something back. However, other houses in the area were much more expensive and so the family decided to buy. The hatch found in the yard became an explanation.

It was not locked, but the steel door was securely covered by a layer of earth and bushes. Holland did not immediately dare to open it – just in case, he called his family and invited specialists. Behind the door opened the descent down. The stairs led to a dark room, where a reproduction of the famous painting hung on the wall.

The bunker on the next level was fully prepared for a long period of survival: supplies and medical supplies were laid out on the shelves, beds were set up. Batteries for flashlights were stored in separate boxes.

Interestingly, the room was covered with wallpaper and care was taken to hang a reproduction of the painting. Below we found a second home. This shelter was built in the 60s. As a result, it was decided to completely restore the bunker. Downstairs, the family equips a recreation room.


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