A mother danced with him at her son’s wedding. They became the heroes of the day as they managed to entertain the guests

One of the most sacred things in the world is the special bond between mother and child, and that has always been a special force in the world. When it comes to educating children, mothers love, teach, feed,  so that they become compassionate and responsible people.

Madre e hijo bailan como nunca en una boda - YouTube

However, there is something that is even more surprising, and that is when children grow up wanting to dance on their wedding day with their mother on the dance floor! Just like the mythical dance between a father and daughter at a wedding, It is also normal to see a dance between the mother and the groom.During his wedding, the groom Jared stepped out onto the dance floor, ready for a traditional mother-son dance. What started out as a typical, sentimental dance backed to Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me”, turned into a very fun performance.


Suddenly, the subject of Celine came to a head, and Jared pulled out two pairs of glasses, one for him and one for his mother. That was the first hint of what was to come. To the beat of “Stayin’ Alive,” the two danced like it was a ’60s disco.This was the first song in a medley of hits with which they surprised the guests. All the people fell silent and everyone’s attention was on them. The duo closed out their performance with a classic back-to-back pose, sunglasses, and a big smile. While it’s normal for a quiet song to be chosen for the mother-groom dance during the wedding, Jared’s dance and his mother was memorable and moving. All the guests were grinning from ear to ear. You have to admit, Jared’s mom really outdid him!



Of all the wedding dances out there, this is one of the loveliest. The sweet hug at the end showed us the good relationship between them. Do not hesitate to see it yourself in the following video.


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