The girl tries to play, and her dog reacts very funny when he sees it.

Dogs are like children: they only know how to express what they feel, they are the most sincere there is. The Golden Retriever protagonist of this story is a clear example of this, and as you will see below, he is not afraid to express his feelings. It’s moments like these that make pet personalities really shine, and this dog has a personality that makes anyone who sees him smile. After this video made the rounds on the Internet, the Golden Retriever has earned the nickname “grumpy dog.

” And it was all for practice with the transverse flute of his beloved owner . Do not miss the video that we bring you below and you will see why this dog has the whole world laughing! Music is a precious hobby, but behind a beautiful song there are many hours of rehearsal and effort. Perhaps you’ve heard of the countless hours parents spend listening to their children practice on their musical instruments, or you’re even one of those parents.

Sometimes we forget that our pets share those same experiences, and this Golden Retriever wanted everyone to know that he’s heard enough of the notes. But, for its owner, it was a very funny moment, so much so that they decided to record it and share it with the world. Watch her play a few notes before the dog reacts, which couldn’t be cuter. It could be that the dog was simply singing along to the tune of “Are You Sleeping.” But as his responses become more and more dramatic, he seems to be venting all the grievances he’s been holding back. This girl answers him directly, leaving the family in complete hysterics.


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