He’s just an ordinary guy who can sing Michael Jackson

You’re about to hear a Michael Jackson song like you’ve probably never heard it before. The Spanish guitarist Miguel Rivera is passionate about music; He has been teaching guitar lessons for over a decade, runs a website with lessons and community forums, and reorganizes and reimagines music to share his passion for the guitar. This particular video has an arrangement that is played in fingerstyle, a technique used to pluck the strings directly.

This Guy Can Play! A Guitarist's Acoustic Cover of “Beat It” Is Unbelievable

When he decided to pick a song as famous as “Beat It,” Rivera knew he had to create a version that was truly his own. While he was listening to the original, he decided to try playing all three facets of the song at the same time on his guitar. In the video description he adds: “I decided to start working on this arrangement because it was a big challenge for me. When you listen to the chorus of the original song you can hear the main riff (which Steve Lukather recorded) playing along with Michael Jackson’s vocal melody and, of course, the drums, bass and other instruments.


My goal was to simultaneously play the main riff with the vocal melody plus the percussion part. I had to find the right tuning and make good use of the harmonics, but I finally got it. The tapping is a nod to the formidable Eddie Van Halen solo that he recorded for this song ». Do not miss this different version of “Beat it” in the following video that we show you below and we hope you enjoy it, especially if you are a fan of Michael Jackson or guitar. What do you think of this great guitar solo? Leave us your opinion about this artist and his new work in the comments section.


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