An extravagant taxi driver wins over Simon Cowell live with his powerful operatic voice

Nowadays, most of the people usually listen to pop, jazz or hip hop music. But the protagonist of today’s video, Carlos De Antonis, spends his days listening to classical opera, something that is not very normal in the times in which we live. However, Carlos has earned a well-deserved reputation in Miami.

Carlos, whose profession is that of a taxi driver, took the stage of the American Got Tale and greeted the judges with a smile. Until that moment, little was known of the hidden voice within him. But as soon as he starts singing the classic “Nessun Dorma”, everyone’s jaws dropped. No one could believe that such a powerful voice came from a taxi driver, since he sang as if he were a professional opera singer. All the judges praised the taxi driver, who couldn’t believe what he had caused with his beautiful performance.

Everyone burst into applause when Carlos sang the last note of the song, because he really deserved all that applause and more. All the effort he has put in to get here paid off, getting a yes from the 4 judges, so now he has to continue demonstrating his talent in the next round, and each time he opens the doors to a promising future.  Do not miss his wonderful performance in the following video.

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