Guy accidentally examined a banana under UV light and realized that he no longer wanted to eat that type of banana.

We all know about the useful properties of fruits. However, people always disagree about which fruits are more useful. There are fruits that are greener and there are fruits that are yellow and have black spots on them.

Have you ever wondered what those black spots are? We have all seen a green banana that changes its color and turns yellow. Have you thought why? This question interested a boy so much that he decided to do research and publish the results on the Internet.

This boy decided to check what the spots looked like on the ripe banana under UV light. And what he saw simply amazed him. After seeing this, he decided to buy only green fruits. This young man did not work in any laboratory. He just decided to check the operation of the lamp he bought recently. When the rays of ultraviolet light fell on the banana, the rays immediately shone. 

After a long study of information portals, the hero of the publication learned that the glow consists of microorganisms that feed on the fetus. But in fact, microorganisms do not have a bad effect on a person, because thousands of these bacteria enter our body with various foods every day and do nothing to our body.

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