During the renovation of the house, a chest was found under the floor. Here’s what was inside.

We all dream of finding treasures one day. However, these dreams sometimes become a beautiful and fairy-tale reality. No one knows what he may encounter in his life and what surprises God has prepared for him. A beautiful story about a man who was so honest that he found the owner of the treasures.

This old and small house was finally sold. Immediately after buying it, the buyer began repair work. The construction team started the renovation of the house from the ground demolition process. As the house was quite old, the floors were dry. When they demolished the floor of the house, they found a chest there. The trunk was carefully closed. Judging by the wear on the trunk, one can assume that it was quite old. The workers did not touch the trunk and called the owner. The owner of the house was surprised to see him. But the previous owners of the house were also unaware of the existence of the trunk. 

The owner of the house with the workers tried to lift the box. But they couldn’t, because it was very heavy. They called in special specialists to remove the trunk using equipment. The trunk was pulled out from under the ground. And immediately they opened it. He was so old that he rusted and his mouth creaked. Immediately after opening, a metallic sheen was noticed. The chest was completely filled with coins. It turned out they were real silver․ There were over 9,000 silver coins. It was estimated at over $20 million.



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