The owl that wanted to have chicks became a mother this year

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an animal or a human, everyone wants to have children. A mother is a mother in all cases. Having a baby is the ultimate joy. This optimistic owl named Luna has been trying to have children for the past two years. But despite his efforts, nothing came of it. This year, however, Luna’s dream came true. When Robert Fuller learned that two owl chicks were left alone and in need of a parent, he thought of Luna.

Knowing that her maternal instincts will no longer be satisfied this year, she decided to introduce Luna to two needy babies. Fuller placed them in his nest, awaiting his return. But would he accept them? The images of what happened later erased all doubts. Without hesitation, Luna pounced on the abandoned chicks, seeming to delight in taking them under her wing. After a long wait, Luna is now a mother, according to Fuller. This young family’s future has never looked brighter because of the love that brought them together.


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