She is the woman even the Queen of England bows to when they meet

Today we are talking about a woman who has an amazing story. Alba’s name was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the most titled member of the royal family in the world, even the Queen of England has to bow down when she meets him.

This woman always stood out from the rest of the aristocracy, her behavior was atypical, but inside she was surprisingly free and loved to break the rules. The heroine was married three times and, as is known, was a mother of many children. Her first husband left her life when Alba was 46 years old. Moreover, her second marriage drew criticism because her second husband was a former priest․

They lived together for more than 20 years despite the opposition of many people. The heroine’s third fiance was just an office worker, and the news of their marriage also offered public criticism. To prove his love, the man formally renounces his right to the bride’s property.

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