Musicians from different nations, not understanding each other’s language, met on the street and presented an interesting number

Music is undoubtedly a universal language. When musicians, who might not otherwise be able to communicate due to language differences, come together, they feel comfortable and create true art. It’s a treat for our ears. That’s what happened on the streets of Florence, Italy, in this video posted by Dajeong Kim in October 2015.

Korean tourist Jun-Hyuk Choi wondered if he could join Romdraculas in offering some of his musical artistry. When they agree and decide to play a jazz song «Autumn Leaves», that is when the magic begins to emerge. Choi may not have known it at the time, but Romdraculas is a very popular “gypsy band” from the streets of Florence.

Googling his name leads us to countless blogs written by tourists who have enjoyed his music. It’s hard to imagine the world in trouble when a few strangers like these get together; they express mutual admiration and respect, sharing a passion and creating art, inspiring smiles to everyone around them… and through videos to the whole world.


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