A bride takes the most beautiful memory at her wedding with the surprise her husband had prepared for her

Weddings require a lot of effort and work, but not just for the bride. People are quick to punish women who are overly excited about their big day by calling them “Bodzillas,” but not all brides are that over the top. Sometimes, it is the groom who strikes the mark, leaving a souvenir for her and all the guests that will be talked about for a long, long time. A wedding is one of the events in which more money is invested. For something so expensive, it makes sense that couples would want that day to be a moment to remember for the rest of their lives. One of the biggest wedding expenses (after the dress, ring, and venue) is the entertainment. Some people opt for entertainment with live performances, while others choose a wedding DJ. The salary of a typical DJ can vary between 300 and 2,500 euros per day.

 A boyfriend put her DJ to work to demonstrate his skills and sense of movement for dancing. Lanny made her wedding night memorable. First, he took the microphone to give a short speech, in which he addressed the father of his wife. The speech was just a way of introducing her real surprise of the night. She told his mother-in-law, “That’s my girl now!” The groom planned to put on a performance using the 1964 hit song by the soul group The Temptations, “My Girl.” The music began to play, while Lanny was joined by her groomsmen. The bride was placed in a seat in the front row of the performance, where her husband could sing it face to face. Lanny did a great job imitating the lead singer of  The Temptations, as she lip-synced her words. Lanny used the entire dance floor to pull off this performance.

 She was between the stage and the ground, with her best friends following the synchronized rhythm of each of her movements perfectly hers. The bride was also in the perfect place for the men to include her in the plan, so one by one they handed her some pink roses. She couldn’t stop smiling for a single moment as she watched her new husband go into action with the music and go wild. “My Girl” may be over 50 years old, but everyone in the room knew the lyrics in full. Take a look at the video and enjoy. What do you think? Post your impressions in the comments section!
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