The 10-year-old boy wins with his performance. The jury was at a loss for words

When 10-year-old Alex Pirvu took the stage on the television show “Next Star,” he didn’t make much eye contact with the judges or the audience. As soon as he started performing Queen’s “Show Must Go On,” his anxiety was gone. All anyone could see or hear was the most incredible voice that could come out of such a young boy.

The song, made famous by Queen and frontman Freddie Mercury, is emotional from the start, but the way this young man sang had the audience in tears. At first, the judges were stunned by his deep, powerful voice. that this 10-year-old boy owned. They couldn’t believe that what they were hearing was coming from such a small child. One judge hung his head in disbelief, completely in awe of his talent.

As Alex launched into the chorus and hit a high note, another judge started clapping and yelled, “Bravo!” He just couldn’t believe what he was hearing! The expressions that fluttered on the faces of the judges are touching. They were completely excited to hear such a talent. Check out this amazing little boy’s voice in the video below. You won’t believe what you’re hearing! His God-given talent is beyond his actual age, and he is an absolute joy to any music lover.


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