Their love was interrupted and they were separated by different countries. But in old age they found each other and got married

There is no definite age for love, especially when it comes after being interrupted by life’s circumstances, as was the case with a grandmother who was reunited with the man who stole her heart in her youth. It would take 60 years for these hearts to be reunited, proving that what says love is patient is not a lie, Grandma reunited with her love of 60 years ago; According to Soy Carmen, Christina and Jacques have known each other since childhood. She is Argentinian and he is Belgian and they are currently aged 79 and 93 respectively.

However, this love affair cannot prosper because both of them are from different countries and they are also separated by 14 years of age difference. Because of the distance, it was impossible to maintain their connection at that time, so they separated their lives. In fact, he married and had 8 children. The tender incident was broadcast via the TikTok social network, where Christina’s granddaughter, Valentina Pesci, posted the details of the incident, quickly becoming famous. before they are proof that there is no age or limit to love,” the woman wrote after reading many positive comments.

“At the time when I met him, our relationship was mission impossible, everything was very different than it is now. And it made me very sad and sad that we couldn’t continue together, but he had to go back to Belgium and I stayed in Buenos Aires,” said the grandmother, who was able to meet Jacques because he spoke French, although he does. does not speak Spanish.


@valenpesci mi abuela se reencontró después de 60 años con el amor de su adolescencia #love #relationship #fyp ♬ A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

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