The story of the longest living French woman. How her lawyer wanted to take over her property, but it turned out the opposite

There is not much longevity in the world today. Only a dozen people have passed the 110-year mark, but even they are still far from the record. Longevity record holder of 1997, French woman Jeanne Kalman, who lived 122 years, 5 months and 14 days, did not die. The woman kept her mind and memory sober until the end, but her body finally couldn’t take it.

The story of Jeanne Kalman Jeanne was born on February 21, 1875 in the small town of Arles, France, in an aristocratic family. As a young man, she worked part-time in her father’s shop, where she met Van Gogh one day. According to her, she was an ugly person. When I think about it, when Jeanne was 8 years old, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. And when she was 12, the Eiffel Tower was completed in Paris. At the age of 21, Kalman married a certain Fernand Nicolas and from this marriage her only daughter, Yvonne, was born. 

She will give Zhanna several grandchildren, but this woman is destined to live with her whole family. In 1963, she lost the last members of her family and remained alone. Jeanne Kalman celebrated her 100th birthday quietly and alone. The former mayor of Arles recalled that she invited the old woman to a party, but she refused. Soon she managed to convince her to come to the town hall at least for the gift. Jeanne became famous at the age of 110. She went to a nursing home and from that moment became known to journalists. 

Zhanna had never given an interview before, but since she seemed bored, she happily talked about her life. Zhanna Kalman became the record holder of longevity, surpassing all her competitors. She passed away in 1997 at the age of 122. The mayor said she was the grandmother of all French people and the memory of an entire city. One of Jeanne’s most famous stories is that of the failed lawyer Ruffry. When the woman turned 90 years old, she decided to make a deal with her neighbor. According to the terms of the contract, she undertook to pay a certain amount to the old woman and in return received her house as an inheritance. 

The man thought that with these payments he would pay real money for the house for 10 years, so she agreed. Ruffry believed that the 90-year-old man did not have much time left to live. And she ended up paying her for 30 years for nothing. Also, because Kalman was a smart woman, there was a clause in the contract that said what would happen if the man left early. Zhanna Kalman was also known for the fact that she exercised until she was 100 years old, ate one kilogram of chocolate a week, enjoyed wine and cigarettes. In other words, the woman did not lead a very healthy life. According to some, Zhanna Kalman owes her long life to her courage and inexhaustible positive energy.

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