The little boy imitates the president in his video and makes a request to him

Yanfri has become one of the most popular characters on social networks, the little one became famous after the video in which he assures that he walks like a man. Then he stole the love of all his followers who repeat their love and support in every video. Considering that his mother mentioned that the minor has been going through some health issues from which he is currently doing much better. On this occasion, Yanfri attracted the attention of his followers with a short video dedicated to the president, but with an end for his population. The minor assured that he was seeking a meeting with the president to tell him about the proposal he had made and that he did not have much time to implement it.

The small content creator assured. “President Petro is going to accompany me on this campaign, we are receiving gifts. God bless you.” The post quickly went viral on social media, where his followers began tagging the president to heed the little one’s request․ Likewise, they emphasized their affection for Janfry, and that his tenderness, despite his change in form, remains the same essence. While her family has received criticism for apparently monetizing her image, they have repeatedly assured that they are committed to helping those in need beyond using social media. The initiative, which they have been running for several weeks now, seeks to collect gifts, considering that Christmas is approaching. These, Choco’s “Zero hunger + gifts” for children, this is the name of this initiative, the main promoter of which was the child. Similarly, a few days ago he was part of the radio station “Tropicana” and the magazine “Semana”, where he announced an initiative that plans to celebrate Christmas for many children in this city of the country.



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