The handsome boy stops when he realizes the pigeon is trying to tell him something

It is very important for people to be kind, because good deeds are rewarded sooner or later. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds to help a neighbor, and luckily, a handsome guy walking the boardwalk recently was alert enough to spot the opportunity.

Arizona resident Jack Neal was exploring Santa Barbara, California, enjoying the scenic coastline with his mother, when a pigeon decided to join them. “I was walking along the boardwalk looking out over the ocean when it flew right past me.” Neal said to Dodo. When the pigeon landed on a nearby fountain, Neal was still following him, and it seemed as if he had caught his attention on purpose. , “and I thought he might need some help.” Being a pigeon is great for flying, but it’s a shame he can’t use the fountain.

So Neal reached out and pressed the button for her. The pigeon was visibly pleased, several times leaning into the stream of fresh water to take long sips while Neal stood by holding the handle. Neal’s mother was obviously proud of her son’s courtesy to the pigeon. “He made the video because he thought it was beautiful,” Neal said. Neil was actually a big animal lover. He also had a big dog and a cat And judging by this pigeon, the animals seem to like him too.



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