A very large dog that no one wanted to take home has finally found a home

Dogs deserve to be happy too. It would be very good for every dog to have its own family and live with the care of people. For years, Bescher feared he would never find a family. The mastiff is 6 feet tall. When he arrived at RSPCA Cornwall in 2021 as a transfer dog from another shelter, rescuers were intent on finding the gentle giant a forever home. Actually, it was a big dog. Shortly after arriving, Bescher thought he had found a family.

But the first family sent him back to the shelter after just a few days. Either way, the rescue team believed Basher would soon find a forever home. During this time, they made sure that the tall, friendly boy was enjoying his favorite pastime. “Even as the months passed, we never lost hope that there was someone out there for her.” Finally, 448 days after his arrival, Bescher found the perfect person and moved in with his new family. “The feeling was indescribable,” Howard said.

“The team that worked closest to him were devastated when he left.” Bescher is already doing great in her new home, where her family has taken extra precautions to ensure she is comfortable. He can now rest easy knowing his new family size.

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