The 17-year-old has thrilled millions with his version of Céline Dion’s classic

Embarking on one of Celine Dion’s legendary songs can be a bit of a dare, and very few have succeeded in the attempt. Nevertheless, from time to time there are examples of it succeeding to the highest degree, even examples that bring the songs to a whole new level. The young super-talent Jackie Evancho is one such example, and when she gets up on stage in a wonderful sparkling dress, she gets everyone’s attention and there is total silence in the hall. Jackie Evancho, now 22 years old, has a voice sent from heaven.

Her tone, technique and radiance mean that she can actually tackle Celine Dion’s songs – and succeed. Set by million.In this clip, we see Jackie performing the song My Heart Will Go On – a timeless classic that I think most people will recognize. Among other things, because it was the title tune for the world-famous film Titanic, with the actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Just the fact that Jackie was only 17 when the film was shot is impressive. Overcoming the fear of being on stage with an audience that expects the best – it’s not always easy But she really succeeds. Watch the clip for yourself below, and feel free to share the moment when the audience turns their eyes to Jackie and drowns in her wonderful voice.



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