The first meeting of a newborn baby and a cat. The cat seems to be jealous of its owner because there is already another little one in the house

There is always some excitement associated with introducing a new baby to existing pets. Often it goes remarkably well. But the cat Covfefe was visibly unenthusiastic about greeting “little sister”. Probably excited for the first meeting between cat and baby, Cazier has chosen to film the moment when the family’s cat would greet her newborn little sister for the first time. The clip, also shared by 9Gag, has become a famous hit on TikTok. At the time of writing, the clip, which has been shared more than 79,000 times, has received over 2.6 million likes. Over 16,300 have commented on the cat. To be fair, the cat tried to take it nice, and she looked back as she left the room, as if wondering if you really wanted to see what happened next, someone makes a point. After sniffing the baby, the cat Covfefe runs into the next room and throws up on the floor.

Many others who have commented on the video, where the cat doesn’t seem particularly enamored of the little baby, ask the cat owner to take care of the extra cat. A small child is a big adjustment for the cat. Several people point out that the cat is probably jealous, while others wonder if the baby’s nappy has been emptied lately. She is very cuddly with me, but mostly only with me, says Cazier to Newsweek. She doesn’t particularly care about my wife either, but has always sought me out, explains the cat owner who is now also a new dad. Everything she has been able to play with has been exciting, whether it has been baby chairs or prams. In an interview with CNN, the couple confirms that Fefe, who has been used to being the only “child”, is probably jealous. Since birth, she has kept a safe distance from her baby sister. During the CNN interview, the new parents tried to let Fefe and little sister say hello again. This time she was content to elegantly run away from the scene, but at least without throwing up.


@caydencazierIntroducing our newborn to our cat didn’t go as planned 😂 #catandbaby #cat #catsoftiktok #cats #cattok #catlover #baby #babytiktok #babytok #baby♬ original sound – Cayden Cazier

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