Fredrik’s cat refuses to leave his owner. This cat has become famous and collected a large number of views

The YouTube clip of Fredrik Johansson, 26, from Sandviken in Sweden has made cat lovers all over the world melt. There is an eternal discussion between dog and cat owners about which animal is the most loving towards us humans. Dog owners will mostly claim that you get a much more personal contact with a dog than is the case with cats. After all, the dog has even been given the glamorous label as “man’s best friend”. But what about the cat?

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 Can it not show love to its owner? Fredrik’s cat can indisputably do it! On YouTube, Fredrik published a clip showing how cuddly his cat is. “This is a daily routine for us, and it happens many times in a day. He is almost like a dog. I can throw a hair tie and he will run and get it for me,” Fredrik has stated. Below you can watch the clip which has now been seen by millions of people. This cat just can’t get enough cuddles from his owner!


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