The shy old man counted slowly at the cash register to pay his money. Many people were waiting in line, and the cashier surprised everyone by helping the old man

We live in a society where we sometimes forget about the older population. They are lonely, they live in poverty, they don’t always have medicine and help, in general they are not seen or heard. Everyone forgets their wants and needs, which affects their ability to live their lives with dignity. This is why we were happy to hear about this cashier who went against the norm – and she is a role model that we should all learn from.

It was early November when this incident took place at a grocery store in Mississippi, United States. In the middle of the lunch hour, an old man was standing at the register paying for his groceries when he reached into his pocket to take out some change. But the old man became frustrated. He counted incorrectly, it took him a long time, and when his hands and voice began to shake he began apologizing to everyone who was near him.

But no one was prepared for the cashier’s reaction.One woman standing in line was Spring Bolin. In a Facebook post that was shared tens of thousands of times, she described the moment. “The amazing cashier took his hands and poured all the small change on the counter and said, ‘No problem honey, we’ll do it together.’ She wrote. Spring was very moved by the kind act of the cashier. She continued: “I looked at this wonderful woman and said, ‘Thank you for being so patient with him.’ She shook her head and replied, ‘You don’t have to thank me, honey. What’s wrong with our world is that we’ve forgotten how to love each other.’ I want to be like her.” Think What would the world look like if we cared and showed respect for each other like this wonderful cashier. The world was a much better place, wasn’t it?

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