This is not just a container but a house furnished in royal style

When people think of buying their first home, they probably don’t think of a container. Usually people imagine beautiful doors and windows, a big yard, and a fence, they probably don’t think of metal walls and containers without windows. But for some, a container can be the perfect solution for a mobile home on a budget.

The tiny house trend is in full force these days, and more and more people are interested in small, mobile homes that don’t cost a lot of money. Tiny houses allow people to live where they want, and they can move their house overnight. This means they can travel the country they live in without leaving the comfort of their home. Although usually the people who buy small houses are single or live with another person, there are also families who have joined the trend of living in small houses, old buses, and even containers.

This red container may look ordinary from the outside, but it’s certainly far from it once you look inside. The only indication that there is anything special inside the container is the white door and the flower pots placed outside. At night this container looks even less special. But wait until you see what it looks like from the inside – you won’t believe it! Inside the container there is a lovely wooden floor, and a spacious and pleasant space. The walls are also covered with light wood panels that give a feeling of homely warmth.

The container is equipped with a bedroom, a comfortable living room, and a kitchen. The kitchen in this small house has a lot of storage space, a full size oven, a large refrigerator, and a lot of work space. The cabinets are painted a wonderful sky blue color, which gives an airy and light-filled feeling. The bright yellow carpets add a natural color that blends wonderfully with the floor and walls. Everything is well stored, so that there will be no mess. The bedroom is not big, but it is big enough to fit a double bed.

The hanging mirrors and lamps make the room feel bigger, and the shelf above the bed provides a wonderful place to put books, phones, or any other item. The bathroom has a toilet, shower, washing machine and dryer! The bathroom is hidden behind a sliding door, which adds style and uses the space efficiently and well.

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