The 101-year-old grandmother sent her resume to various organizations for employment. They responded to the grandmother’s request

The moving resume of this 101-year-old granny caught the attention of a businesswoman. Mothers have a saying: wanting is power. When a person wants to get ahead, nothing and no one is an impediment to achieve whatever. A lady over 100 years old is the clear example of this. She touched thousands of people around the world with her desire to work when she submitted her resume to a company in the hope that they would hire her. It is about Mrs. 

María Cardoso, a Brazilian woman who already has more than a century of life. However, her age does not prevent her from having a desire to be independent and fend for herself, obtaining money for herself so that she is not dependent on her family’s income to do so. Her decision motivated her to take her resume to a company located in the Promissão area. Her family helped her apply formally, where she highlights her experience and skills. What undoubtedly caught the attention of the networks since her story became famous. 

“I want to work to buy my wines and meat, so I don’t depend only on my daughter, to help a little,” said Doña María. Her great-granddaughter was in charge of spreading her request in the WhatsApp group of a company dedicated to refrigerators. Several members of her family work in this company and that is why she wants to be able to support them. In the document we can see Mrs. María smiling shyly and this reached the company’s recruiters, who referred her to the human resources area. The person in charge, Juliana Araújo, couldn’t help but be moved when she received this gem of a resume. “When I saw the date of birth I was amazed and immediately asked them to bring me the resume. When I had it, I found the most beautiful thing: her photograph,” said Juliana. For Juliana, this woman’s initiative is a sign of female empowerment and that we should all know her to see the example of what it is to be independent regardless of the obstacles. The manager did not hesitate to share the photograph of Mária’s document on social networks, but she did not expect the effect it would cause. 

Realizing that she had captured the attention of thousands of users on the networks, Doña María shared her life story. She dedicated herself to the field since she was a child and that prevented her from completing her studies, as well as learning to write. This lady’s enthusiasm touched thousands of her, including a wine company that promised to send her bottles frequently and completely free of charge. For its part, the refrigeration company has contacted her to invite her to take a tour of its facilities, and since they would definitely not put her to work at that age, since it is time for her to just rest and enjoy life, yes They have offered to open the doors for her whenever she wishes.

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