Once, making a toy bus for his son made him famous and he started getting more orders

Austreberto Martínez Galván went from being a taxi driver to a manufacturer of scale mini-trucks for children, which became a bestseller in Mexico. The will moves mountains, and inspiration helps us to achieve it in more difficult moments. No matter how you achieve it, whether you have a promise to fulfill or a pending dream, the important thing is to want to get ahead to reach a better scenario. In this case, Austreberto Martínez Galván, a man originally from Almoloya de Juárez in the State of Mexico, in the past worked as a taxi driver and driver of public transport trucks. But this itself did not mean that the promise he had made to his son Alex was forgotten: to buy him an electric ride-on car. 

He therefore built her a mini truck out of recycled materials.He had no knowledge of anything, everything was given to me, as I was imagining it, I was looking for the necessary materials. The result was a little truck that was exhibited in the kindergarten that my son attended,” he told El Universal. Austreberto designs and builds the buses in the patio of his house. These measure 1.90 cm long, 43 cm wide and 65 cm high so that they can carry up to two children. Best of all, thanks to their 2 electric motors, they can move, have lights, horns and even a screen to make the game feel as real as driving a real truck. 

The popularity of his mini-buses began when Austreberto showed on YouTube how the first one he designed worked and since then he has not stopped receiving additional orders. His sales were so successful that, together with his wife and the person who helps him with the labeling, they have considered expanding the company, but for that he needs to increase production and multiply his sales. “We have tried to access some financial support from banks or federal authorities, in order to consolidate our company, with this perhaps being able to open more jobs, but it has been very complicated,” he explained to the site. But for now, his son is the happiest with the very special gift that his father gave him. A clear example of what parents can do for love.

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