In order not to pay rent, a 14m2 mobile home was built

With the passage of time it is increasingly difficult to undertake an independent adult life with very insane tastes. Having your own home and being able to support the expenses of it individually has become an almost impossible task. The horizon of separating from parents to have a crazy single life is increasingly distant. Even when people opt for a small room, the cost benefits are clearly against the tenants. This is the situation that Joel Weber was going through, a college boy in Texas, United States.

 He spent months looking for a place to live that would fit his small budget. However, after seeing that his adventure did not bear fruit, he had a brilliant idea. He came to the conclusion that although he could not find a house according to his needs, this would not be an obstacle to continue with his studies. It was so that he decided to get down to work, with ingenuity and great optimism, he decided to build his own home. Inside his school he discovered construction material that had been discarded, that would be the base of his new house. 

From then on he built a base for what would be a small 14m2 mobile home. Joel ended up investing $15,000 all at once for a lifetime home, it was much better than allocating a smaller amount every month for rent that would be the equivalent of throwing it away: “In the end, you don’t have anything of your own.” Joel’s project soon became known everywhere, and since he did not have all the money at the time, he built little by little. Many sympathized with his brilliant idea and even gave him part of the wood he used. 

When his friends saw his new house, they didn’t understand how he had invested his entire life’s money in something so basic to live on.Until they entered to be surprised. While 14 square meters may seem like a small space, Joel built it to take advantage of every inch. The space even reached him to build a second floor to put a room for him. Best of all, it is a mobile home. Useful to take anywhere you need at any time of the year.

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