Grandpa is filmed swinging his pets in the park and moves the world.

Puppies are enthusiastic beings, full of life and very loyal to their owners and those who care for them. Having a dog brings many benefits in daily life, especially for the elderly who live alone. A dog can provide a sense of companionship for seniors looking for someone to pamper. Unlike the young, the elderly treat their pets in relation to their lifestyle and thinking. They may come to treat their dogs like real fur babies because they want to give them lots of love. 

A twitter user recently witnessed a very interesting and tender scene while walking in the park. It is about an elderly man exercising while swinging his two puppies. “I watched him put the two dogs on the sports equipment one after the other and then help them rock.” said the user who recorded it. In the video we can also see how a child witnesses the scene, possibly thinking that he also wants to join in to play. You can see in the video how he treats them with great affection, as if they were his grandchildren, and the dogs are also very calm, they don’t jump on him, and it shows how they look at him with affectionate eyes, the image is full of love.


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