A small dog helps its owner to give money while driving a taxi

Surely more than once you have seen puppies doing different tricks or actions that seem worthy of a human. It is normal to see the puppies at home helping their owners to perform various tasks, whether it is taking things with their mouths, letting them know if a stranger is at the door, or bringing them something they need. But we bet you’ve never seen a taxi attendant dog. Teresa Castro was traveling normally in a taxi from Michoacán, Mexico. In the end, when she finished and was about to pay, it turns out that the one who received the money was a Chihuahua dog who was co-pilot. Faced with this situation, the passenger decided to share her experience so that everyone could see “Chiqui” helping her father:

“Like when you have to help your father to go out for the croquettes,” she said in the video. “I took a taxi and I had my dog “Chiqui” with me; Mr. David (the owner of the taxi) told me that he has no one to leave his dog with and he doesn’t like that she stays alone at home, so he better take her to work and now the dog already knows how to receive the payment and deliver it to its beloved owner,” he added. Users were delighted with Chiqui’s intelligence, making her video famous, which has more views every day. Currently it already has almost 246 thousand reproductions. 34 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments. “I love you ‘working dog’. Chiqui represents the purest love that exists”, “Don’t let my husband see this because he got the idea that our puppy must work to earn the croquettes hahaha” “How fun! I would gladly get into a taxi with a dog included, excellent service”, were some of the comments they left.


@teresacastroavilaHistoria: Tome un taxi y llevaba a su perrita “chiqui”; me comento el señor David(dueño del taxi), que no tiene con quien dejar a su perrita y no le gusta que se quede sola en casa, asi que mejor se la lleva a trabajar y ahora la perrita ya sabe recibir el dinero del pago y entregárselo a su amado dueño#perritos #perrostrabajando #buenosdueños #lamejorcompañiadelmundo #elmejoramigodelhombre♬ sonido original – a_josephhb

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