The mother’s attention was completely different and instead of bringing the milk bottle to the baby’s mouth, she brought it to her ear.

A mistake is made by anyone. Being a mother is not easy, no matter how hard they try to make us believe that it is. Mothers are expected to be aware of absolutely everything that happens around their children, but this is impossible. Although sometimes they get pretty close. It is nothing out of this world and we are sure that something like this has happened to all moms at least once in their lives. However, in this day and age where taking pictures is literally at your fingertips; these moments can be captured super fast and in the easiest way. And not only that, because in less than two minutes, they can be on all social networks, and in another ten minutes, they begin the viralization process, which can no longer be stopped. This is exactly what happened to a young woman who wanted to feed her baby.

However, she did not realize that the nipple of the bottle was too far from the child’s mouth. This distracted mom was actually very focused, but on another matter. The woman was talking with another person and apparently, it was an extremely important matter. At the same time, she was feeding her baby with a bottle. The little boy was sitting on his mother’s lap and drinking her milk, but at some point he decided that he didn’t want any more and stopped drinking. The mother did not notice her because she was focused on the conversation and thus, she kept her hand in position to continue feeding her son. The small detail is that the bottle was in the baby’s ear. Another person witnessed the scene and decided to take a short video that quickly went viral on social media. In the clip you can see how the mother is focused on the conversation while the baby, a little restless, remains with the bottle in his left ear. After a few seconds, the woman realizes what happened and with a facial expression acknowledges her mistake. She quickly moves the bottle away from her little one’s ear and she laughs at the funny moment that just happened. It currently has more than 840,000 views and hundreds of “likes”. The comments did not wait and some users criticized the mother while others took it in the best way and also laughed at the situation.


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