She was a saleswoman and now she is a famous model. She has not forgotten her past and is proud of it.

Karelli Ruiz said the following: “I feel very proud of what I have achieved. I remember when I worked as a salesman, I sold candy and supported my parents, and I will continue to do that.”
 Life is unpredictable, sometimes you may be up and sometimes down. The world and fate are handled in mysterious ways and you never know what might happen. For this reason it is important that you stay focused and disciplined so that your objectives remain clear no matter what happens. As is well known, today the options to “succeed” in life have diversified and it is no longer necessary to follow a single path. The digital era has implemented many ways to undertake Many intrepid managed to succeed and create a great lucrative business, as in the case of the young Mexican Karely Ruiz. 

This influencer and model has become extremely popular and on her Instagram account she already has more than 6.6 million followers. However, despite her current success, she does not forget how she started it all and fondly remembers the past. Through this same social network, the girl shared a photo where she is seen next to her previous candy stand where she worked for a while to support her parents. Not everyone is able to be thankful for everything they get. But in the case of this model, it is different. He said the following:  

“Today I have come to remember the old times I lived and I feel very proud of what I have achieved. I will never forget where I came from. I always remember when I sold sweets and supported my parents with all that.” The photo was soon flooded with praise from her followers who recognized her efforts to get to where she is today. In addition to showing humility in not turning his back on his past, he also congratulated her for never forgetting her parents, who have given her so much, hoping that she will have a great future in life.

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