He gave up being a welder to become a manicurist, broke stereotypes and now earns 3 times more

The current employment situation is extremely difficult, finding a job has become a kind of impossible mission for many people, however, the doors keep closing and no window opens no matter how much they want. Henrique Albertasse had to change completely in order to earn money; the 26-year-old man worked as a welder for some time until he decided to give up one of the most masculine jobs there could be and chose to become a manicurist, despite any prejudice or jokes he might face.

The former welder has only been working as a manicurist for six months. A nail artist and with more than 240,000 followers on his Instagram account, he assures that he has earned more money in the short time he has been in his new profession than what he earned in the old one. Henrique says that when he worked in the metallurgical industry, 95% of his colleagues were men and also the salary was not enough to cover all his expenses, that is why he left what he knew and ventured for something that would give him more earnings.

His Sister Thais had a lot to do with her decision, she already had years of experience working in beauty salons, that’s why she became interested in nail design, seeing that her sister had a flexible routine and good financial stability, she only had to do it. With little to zero knowledge in the field of nails.

Henrique is now a well-known manicurist with thousands of followers and a packed schedule. Many think that his popularity is due to the fact that he is a man involved in a business where women predominate, but he has shown his ability to always deliver an impeccable and quality service. His success in his networks did not go unnoticed and now several beauty brands have contacted him to make him their ambassador and plans to expand his business.


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